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As a blogger, one thing that may always come in my mind is having an ultimate designer creation (but having more than one is HEAVEN! :)) Since I live in far far away city from the glamorous New York or Paris, it might be a little bit tricky to get my hand some of their creations. Yes, I may know some of their ultimate designs from magazines or internet, but to be able to buy ones is another different story. First problem is, I should be flying for the half of the world to buy and see the product in official store with my own eyes, so I can't avoid the fraud to happen. And the flying itself isn't cheap at all. Second, let's just say I found the trust-able oversea online store, the taxes which will come with the product is a hell itself. And the third and last problem, the price of the first class designer creation is not cheap at all. Hahaa. So I really need to save much more for the whole year just to buy a piece of clothes or handbag.

If you happen to have the same problem with me, then you're so gonna thank me! :)) because worry not, I already found a way from those stressing out thingy. Let me introduce you to! You might wondering what is, so basically StyleWe is an online fashion shopping which accommodate independent fashion designers. Yes, you read it right, by bringing independent fashion designers whose we might expect having "irregular" tastes, we can get way more affordable prices than the first class designers, and be the first one who get our hand their limited designs. So you will find A LOT of independent fashion designer's product in just a click. It's so easy using StyleWe, as an example, you need to find a perfect dress for evening haul in summer day, you might as well click or search under summer dresses. So easy right! :)

And here are some dresses that stole my heart. Ahh, my bank will be crying out loud after this, but my heart will be happily screaming. LOL. So, what do you think about my choices?

Designer: MUKAS


Designer: Sicheng.Lisha


And girls, if you are looking for evening dresses or wedding dresses, hope the store below will help. Red Prom Dresses

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  1. that white dress is uber cute! agree with you, you pay what you get for.



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