Redowlicious 3rd Birthday

3:25:00 AM

Today, my baby blog celebrates its 3rd birthday! Horray! Nothing much to write, to tell, or even outfit photos. Yeah, I'm getting lazier every year (oops!) No, I'm not. I already bought something special to celebrate my online diary birthday. But, it's still on its way home, so I can't tell much. The clue is, it is something that will makes this blog even better (Amin!)

I still can't believe that I will grow up with my blog this far. It feels weird in amazing way. I mean it! I remember how this blog saved me from essay madness, how it helped me to be a better girl and person. We grow up together and it's fun to see my old photos and stories and else. I love to see my memories captured in this beautiful way (it's all for me okay, so don't judge :p ) Aaaannndddd look how my heels collections grow up! :)

Happy birthday, Redowlicious!


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  1. Happy birthday to your dear cute blog and for my present for your blog i followed it. Have a nice day

  2. Happy blog birthday dear

    Love Vikee


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